Inspiration can be found in many places. I found it in people, quotes, in family, and articles I have read over the years. I remember about 20 plus years ago I read an article about a nun at the age of 84 competing in triathlons. I remember thinking how amazing and incredible this woman must be and that’s when I started looking at myself and thinking my goodness if she can do it so can I. I remember reading she started her training at 48 years old and have been going ever since. Just recently I watched an episode of the insider, and it was the world’s oldest bodybuilder. A 72-year-old woman and yes, I said woman.


I have also seen some things that were negative to me that made me want to change my weight. I was leaving work one day and I saw a middle-aged woman using a walker. that’s when I took a long hard look at myself and thought I can’t end up like that. That would kill my spirt. There is more to life than that. I actually cried. I cried because I was scared, I cried for her. I am so stubborn I can’t lose my independence it would be the end of me, and I kept getting bigger and bigger. It had to stop.

Everyone at that time was getting the gastric bypass surgery but my insurance did not cover it and then I met someone who help me finance it. She was the first inspiration to my journey, and I will be forever grateful to her. She had the surgery and she wanted to help me. In my eyes, she saved my life.


While all this change was happening, I was working on myself until about 3 years later when I met my personal trainer I have now. He is an amazing young man. Hรจs 22 and owns his own business. His name is the infamous Jaguar Laymen and his business is Jagstrong gym in Portland, CT. He tries to be a super badass but he’s a softy. He has shown me consistency brings results. I have to tell you, there were times I would get so angry with him, but he pushed me to never give up and I never will. Every time I think I’m going to ……..I think of him, and his words of encouragement and I keep going. #Jagstronggym

I have a very funny story to go with him. One day I was on the treadmill, and he was pushing me. I have a huge pride and ego. My legs had what they called muscle failure and I fell on the treadmill. I was so mad at him. I was so embarrassed. I imagined beating him with a dumbbell. I wasn’t hurt at all only my pride was damaged. That day I learned humility. I also learned not to be afraid of the stupid treadmill. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have done that. At this point I am determined to beat the treadmill. I hate running but I do it because I hate running. I make it a game and a challenge every time I try. I love to lift weights, it’s very good for woman to do this………. lots of health benefits in it. Its excellent for bone health. It’s also great for your metabolism, depression and helps avoid injury as you age because you strengthen your bones as well as your muscles. I will have more on that in later articles. I can go on forever on that.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.โ€
โ€• George Bernard Shaw

What or who inspires you?


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