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I remember sucking my stomach in at 10 years old and drinking diet soda. All I have to say is………. DONT DO THAT TO YOUR KIDS!!!!!!! Teach them to love themselves. If they love themselves everything else will follow suit. I have tried every diet growing up and in my adult years. The best was the Mayo Clinic diet. I had tons of cheese and ate huge portions but hey it was ok …. there are no carbs. I did weight watchers, Atkins, military diet, Jenny Craig, calorie counting. The problem was not the diet, but my self-esteem and I was not doing it for me I was doing for my boyfriend and father of my children at the time. I figured maybe he would love me more if I was smaller, if I was prettier. That didn’t matter, because even if I succeeded then it wouldn’t have changed how he treated me. Hindsight right. Well, that’s the purpose of this I’m hoping someone sees the light earlier in life than I did.

In my life, I have learned about supplements and diets and foods and now being very active in the gym I learn a lot about fitness.

The one thing I haven’t tried for dieting yet is DNA testing, that would be my next thing. I want to keep the weight off. I truly believe our body chemistry has a lot to do with how our body loses weight. We fall for all these gimmick diets, and they are always changing. Look at Atkins and Keto they were developed for people with seizers and work well with people with dementia. Gastric Bypass surgery was developed for people with stomach cancer. Regardless, we all lose weight differently. I truly believe if we understand our own genetic makeup, we have a better chance of getting the weight off and keeping it off. I am going to order 23 and me and see what I come up with and share my findings with you. I am also impressed with the app NOOM because it uses psychology. I believe there is a lot to that also.

I think people look at it all wrong and I have lost 200 plus pounds, and I was one of those people. I wanted instant gratification. I didn’t realize I was destroying my body with every fad and Yō Yō diet. Honestly, the gastric sleeve changed my life. I was so far gone, and I didn’t think I would ever find my way out at that time.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Some people say it an easy fix!!!!! I say bullshit. Even 4 years later it’s still hard. You go through a year of testing. Nail biting hoping your insurance will cover it and the liquid dieting is crazy. Then after the surgery ………… WHAT!!!! the protein shakes and the very small amounts of food and after years and years and years of dieting you don’t know what to eat anymore. CAUSE you can eat anything. When for years don’t eat this and don’t eat that but the biggest difference is you only eat a tablespoon full of food. Even now I want to eat healthy and be fit but I find myself not eating not much at all.

That is why I love the conversation with people when they say this is easy. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. As well as the psychological part. You lose weight so fast; you don’t recognize yourself and you become a different person. I believe it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I built my confidence and I find myself happier most days, but I do have days where I feel lost still. Anyone else experience this?


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